29 April, 2017

Garage Sale This Weekend & 20% off Coupon Code

By Scott

This Saturday (4/29/17) is our annual garage sale. A chance to grab a deal on some sample parts, prototypes, dinged frames as well as get 20% off any new items in store. We'll open the doors at 9 am sharp on Saturday. We'll have donuts, coffee from Ceremony Coffee and tea from Adrian and Scott's collections for folks to munch and sip on while you browse.

Update 4/30/17: Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by! It was a ton of fun.
Update 5/1/17: The sale has concluded.

Now we can't go and offer all our sample bits on line, but we would like to extend the 20% sale on new items to folks who can't get here. The online sale will run from 4/29 9am EST to 4/30 11:59pm EST.

Just to be clear, you get 20% off on all in-stock frames, wheels, parts, accessories - everything except gift certificates and items that are already on sale - but only if you follow the steps below:
  • Add all of the products you want to your cart, just as you normally would.
  • Don't check out yet! Instead click on "My Cart" to review your products.

  • Enter the coupon code - SPRINGTHING - in the little "discount codes" box in the shopping card page, as in the screenshot below.
  • Click on "Apply Coupon".

  • Check out as you normally would and enjoy your savings!


Anonymous said...

Pretty typical,considerate and generous of igor,adrian and crew at velo orange to offer this!.....ORDER THOSE NEW PARTS,WHEELS,TIRES OR FRAMES YOU HAVE DREAMT ABOUT DURING THE LONG WINTER!...........PLEASE PATRONIZE THESE NICE PEOPLE!..BOB

chinoa said...

Found about the sale on IG but came late to the party :(
I've been wanting to try those Crazy Bars!