05 May, 2017

Polyvalent Goes to the City

by Igor

Adrian and I are heading up to New York this weekend for some ultimate city riding and to check out the New York Bike Expo. We haven't attended before, but it looks to be a great time.

Are you going to the show or participating in the 5 Boro Tour? Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

Shift levers on the downtube, just as the cycling gods intended them.

John Frey said...

Don't forget the minor deities of the Inverse Unorthodox sect, who decree that bar-ends in a drop bar are OK, too.

Alexi said...

Gripshifts with rapid rise rear derailleur is the only PROPER way to shift you heathens!

A^ said...

As a representative of the shifters-wherever-as-long-as-they-shift community, I really like porteuristic placement of the bungee on these bikes.