01 April, 2017

Wheel Talk, No Lies

Here at Velo Orange International, we strive to offer the best balance between performance, functionality, and aesthetics. By borrowing designs from motorsports documentaries such as The Fast and The Furious (1-7), Redline, and Gone in 60 Seconds, we have developed a product which saves a whopping 0.314 seconds over 40km. As with any component upgrade, this just might solidify your place in Strava history.
Actual testing footage
In addition to the existing rotating mass from a traditional wheel, there is rotational mass being supplemented by the integrated cap or "Spinner" which keeps spinning in the direction of the wheel's rotation. This forward momentum allows for increased carried momentum, optimal wattage transfer, and it even yields a higher interface success rate. Basically, due to conserved angular momentum, this revolutionary wheelset carries you up hills with reduced fatigue.

The details:
  • 650b. Because French.
  • High flanges
  • Through-axle compatible
  • Uni-directional
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Polished silver finish
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Double butted construction
The first production run will only be available for all-road bikes, but keep your eyes peeled for no-road and some-road compatibility in 2018.

Product inspiration. They just keep spinning.


Unknown said...

why cant i put them in my cart right now? do they come in white? do they have disc brakes? how much is a pair of wheels? thanks so much for bringing this to the bicycling public.

A N said...

Wow, tres brillant! I want 5 sets for all of my road bikes!

Anonymous said...

Are there any gyroscopic effects causing steering concerns?
Anyway, over 40Km I loose more than that with calls of nature.

Unknown said...

Inflating the tires with hydrogen will reduce angular momentum.

Darrell Goodwin said...

Inflate the tires with helium and you'll have an even better solution that is lighter than air!

Anonymous said...

Dear VO,

A wonderful new accessory and I am amazed by your product development creativity, however I have some questions regarding performance. My concern has to do with the possibility of wheel system creating gyroscopic precession effects that will bias the travel characteristics of the bicycle. I am wondering if the net angular momentum vector of the combined rotating mass of the spinner and wheel will create a torque vector that will cause the bike to pull to the left (remember the right-hand rule in physics). Looking at the Piolet that is pictured, I am also wondering if this leftward drift is also acerbated by the fact that the drive side is on the right and off the central axis of the bicycle (in effect pushing the bike slightly to the left), and the brakes are on the left, also off the central axis (in effect pulling the bike slightly to the left). Given the fact that the Piolet is a stout and somewhat heavier frame, the net effect may not be so as to influence handling, but on a lighter frame like the Pass Hunter Disc, will the effect be overwhelming or just an annoyance? Of course we are ignoring matter pertaining air resistance and aesthetics.

Thanks, GS in OR

Mr. Drew said...

Will these be available in carbon fiber with chrome plating?

Justine Valinotti said...

I will buy those wheels only if they come with straight-pull spokes. And if everything is proprietary.

Scott S said...

Seems legit.

fc said...

Can it be set up to spin in reverse on demand as a type of drag brake for tandems while descending?

VeloOrange said...

@Darrell - Fantastic idea! Always trying to shave off some grams, why not make the gas itself lighter?

@GS in OR - Thank you for your technical review. We concur that the rotating mass of the "Spinner" modification would present minimal obstruction of steering in the Piolet, but may present more of an alteration of the handling norm for a more spry bike like the Disc Hunter. It's probably best to remain neutral on aesthetics for this performance hack.

@Mr. Drew - Yes, exclusively.

@ Justine Valinotti - These Spinners are soon to be the new standard. The best kind of proprietary.

@Scott S - Too Legit. Too legit to quit.

@fc - Unfortunately we have yet to enter the tandem market. Great idea though, seems very practical.

Big Woods Biker said...

Sheldon Brown would be proud of this idea. Always enjoyed his ingenious products that came out at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

@GS in OR I was wondering if the gyropscopic effects would create a bike that would remain upright while stationary. Thereby, elimanating any future need for centrestands. Pletscher take note.

Anonymous said...

Note the bike pictured (a model without a kickstand plate)... standing upright while stationary.

doug said...

I am VERY excited about these! Do you have an estimate on when they will be available?