05 October, 2016

Klean Kanteen Additions and Lael’s Globe of Adventure

By Adrian

Who doesn't like a hot cup of coffee on a cool Autumn bike, or ice cold water after a vigorous ride? Well now we carry a few Klean Kanteen products that'll help you out with that - 20 oz and 32 oz insulated water bottles. We've been consistently impressed with the quality and durability of the company's bottles and accessories, and like what we see with these new guys.

These bottles have the classic stainless steel Klean Kanteen look, but utilize high-performance, double-wall vacuum insulation which ensures hot liquids stay hot, and cold liquids stay cold, for crazy long periods of time. The 20 oz bottles will keep liquids hot for 20 hours and cold for 50 while the 32 oz bottles have an even bigger range, keeping liquids hot for 24 hours, and cold for a whopping 90 hours.

The 20 oz version fits best in our Retro Cage without tab, while the 32 oz rides comfortably in our Mojave Cages (which will be back in stock late next month!).

Great thing about the wide mouth is that it easily fits ice cubes!

The bottles come with simple black leak-proof loop caps, but if you want to dress them up a bit we do carry Klean Kanteen's sport tops or bamboo tops.

We're thinking about bringing on more Klean Kanteen products, perhaps their food canisters? Any suggestions?

We'd also like to highlight an awesome program Lael Wilcox has announced, the “Lael’s Globe of Adventure” Women’s Scholarship. After recently finishing her journey on the Baja Divide, she decided to set up this scholarship to encourage other women to participate in such an adventure. This endeavor seeks to promote women's ridership, especially in terms of long-distance touring.

You can find out more about the scholarship here: https://bajadivide.com/scholarship/


Anonymous said...

personally, their 16oz insulated one is top choice.
Fits in any bottle cage, fits ice cubes, comfortable lip to drink from, durable, no extra parts or rattling bits, and keeps things chilly or hot for a long time.
it might even be a perk to those in much colder climates that it keeps liquid as liquid as you ride.

peddalhead said...

Perfect for the Coffeeneuring Challenge...

Matt Sandy said...

I had the 16oz and loved it. Keeping liquids as a liquid is something that you need to watch out for in Minnesota.

Jon BALER said...

The 32 oz growler version will also fit in your mojave cages.

Guy Washburn said...

Lael Wilcox also won the Trans Am Bike Race this year. Not just the women's race but the overall. 18 days 10 minutes. Unsupported. She is one amazing rider.

Anonymous said...

The regular insulated bottles are nice, but you should offer the Wide-mouth ones. My favorite is the 20 oz one...I commute with that in a modular cage, keeps my coffee HOT when using the Wide Loop Cap, when I get to work I switch out the cap with the Cafe Cap (an old one, they now have a version 2.0 model that is not supposed to leak on the bike...eliminating the need to bring 2 caps!):




Lael Wilcox said...

Hey VO, thanks for sharing the "Lael's Globe of Adventure" Baja Divide Women's Scholarship! The scholarship is open to a woman of any age, and from any country, who intends to ride the Baja Divide during the 2016-2017 season. Applications will be accepted until November 11. Details are found at the link above.