14 October, 2016

Long Reach Brakes Are Still Popular

By Scott

Sometimes in the rush to jump onto new products and trends, you tend to forget about the great products that keep on working, without change, for years. Items like Retro Cages, Constructeur Racks (arriving late this month), and Grand Cru Long Reach Brakes. Things that don't change, are solid, dependable and don't cost an arm and a leg. I was thinking about this when I saw a blog post from Red Kite Prayer about our long reach brakes. These brakes are one of those things that we order in and they sell solidly.

While it may seem that disc brakes are every where now, even on road bikes, side pull brakes still have a place. Companies like Chris King's bike line Cielo, put our brakes on their Sportif model. Seven Bikes uses them on their RedSky model, proving that people still want the simplicity, reliability, and power of a dual pivot side pull brakes.

In addition to being super stiff, the Grand Cru long reach brakes are one of the few high quality brake sets that also clear 45mm fenders, a bonus for builders and riders who want wider tires and fenders.

On another note, coffeeneuring 2016 has gotten off to an excellent start. I did two rides this past weekend. One ride to Vigilante Coffee in Hyatsville on Saturday and a ride north from home to a nice park in Montgomery County MD, started things off on a good and delicious note. 

How is everyone's coffeeneuring adventures going?


RoadieRyan said...

For some reason the mention of "Vigilante Coffee" conjured up an image of a group of grim faced riders on horse back from the western era riding down a fugitive and making them sit down to a hot cup of black coffee....

Beau said...

Yes, indeed! Our best selling bike for the past several years is our Rainier road bike with long reach brakes and room for fenders. We sell the VO Grand Cru as an upgrade and are impressed every time by their aesthetics and their solid function. We do disc brakes as well these days, but the simplicity of a side pull caliper, as well as the weight savings over a disc, are exactly what a lot of people are still looking for in a bike. Keep up the good work!

Will said...

Um, I'm not sure we can say "don't cost an arm and a leg" can be applied to your $170 long reach brakes.

peddalhead said...

Here in the hometown of VO (Annapolis, MD) we have two coffee rides in so far; one locally to what some folks refer to as "The Zu" and the other to a shop in not so nearby Cantonsville. Next ride is planned to take advantage of the warm weather we are having this week and will be at a waterfront coffee-shop-without-walls, compliments of the US Navy.