11 November, 2015

Philly Bike Expo Roundup

by Igor

This past weekend was Philly Bike Expo, an annual epicenter of bike nerdom. Exhibitors feature all manners of bike building from cargo bikes to cyclocross racers. You're guaranteed to see fillet brazing, thinned lugs, curvy tubes, and unique paint jobs. Here are some of my favorite bike details from the show. See the full album here.

Chris' thinned lugwork and paint is spot on: http://bishopbikes.com/
Fantastic front end: http://bishopbikes.com/
Clever use of a quill for Royal H's tandem: http://royalhcycles.com/
Why didn't I think of a light mount light that?! http://royalhcycles.com/
Brian Chapman had a super classy tandem with gorgeous custom fillet brazed brakes: http://www.chapmancycles.com/
JP Weigle always has beautifully integrated racks and fenders: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49353569@N00/
Loved Bilenky's bikes: http://www.bilenky.com/
Super cool colors for Moth Attack's frame: http://mothattack.com/
Eric at Winter is always on point. Here's his elegant, modern road bike: http://www.winterbicycles.com/
Groovy always has some well thought out bikes with wild paintjobs: http://www.groovycycleworks.com/
Great seat cluster and stainless S&S coupled all-rounder from Ellis: http://www.elliscycles.com/


Unknown said...

Beautiful coppertone finish in that first pic; would be awesome on the Campeur!

Grego said...


didier said...

@Unknown: not a bad idea. Reminiscent of the old Raleigh Internationals.

Unknown said...

You know you loved that green Weaver cycle works