19 November, 2015

Chris Takes His New Bike For A Ride In The Woods

By Chris

So I have this new orange bike and decided to take a day off to go for a ride. Thought you might like to see a few photos.

This is at Fair Hill in northeastern Maryland. Lots of horse trails, single track, and gravel roads.
They're not much for bridge maintenance out here.
So I don't forget which bike is mine.
Saw a few trout in Big Elk Creek.
This is my first bike with hydraulic brakes (Shimano 785).
Shimano 105 derailleurs work well.
Covered bridge.
Abandoned concrete paved road with old style steel overpass.
Trout stream.
11-speeds are silly, but I'm testing a new hub.
Old stable.
You could square dance on these big'ole hydraulic brifters.
Another abandoned bridge.
Horse trail. WTB 40mm Nanos handled dirt, pavement gravel and leaves with confidence.


Unknown said...

You photos depict what riding is all about and showoff a beautiful bike.

Unknown said...

Which bars are those? Compact, yes?

VeloOrange said...


Yep. Those are our Dajia Shallow Drop Handlebars.

Grego said...

Gorgeous bike, and very pretty photos. The black rear derailer stands out like a wart! Change it for silver, aah mmm aesthetics repaired.

Winga said...

How much clearance with those 40's on there. Thought it was 38 max?

VeloOrange said...

Those Nanos actually measure 38.5mm.

VeloOrange said...

Those are standard VO chainrings and they worked well with 11-speed.

eric said...

purdy nice with them big ol' tires. Can't stop staring at the big honking' brifters though... it's like... "mole"... then again... Mole... and I try to look away... then... out it comes again... MOLE!