23 November, 2015

Chris' Pass Hunter Disc Build List

I'm loving my new Pass Hunter Disc. These photos were taken when the frame was originally built-up. I've changed the pedals to MKS Cubes and the saddle is now a Brooks Pro Ti. I don't think the Brooks is necessarily a better saddle, but it was broken-in and unattached.

The bike rides and handles as well as any bike I've ridden, maybe better (and that includes several custom frames built for me). This is my first bike with hydraulic brakes and they do work very well. The brakes are so powerful that it takes some time to get used to them. But cable brakes work well enough, so don't think that you must have hydraulics.

This bike is built up with 11-speed. There is no need for 11-speed--it's simply planned obsolescence from the component manufacturers. It works as well as 10-speed or 9-speed, etc. I'm using it only for professional reasons, to become familiar with it and to test a new hub we are developing. Otherwise I would be riding 9 or 10-speed.

A complete build list is at the bottom of the post.

Complete build list:


Jon BALER said...

Spec page says "Clearance for 35mm tires with fenders, 38mm without."

But the photos show 700x40 tires, and semi-knobby ones at that.

Unknown said...

The advertised tire clearance on frames is often a bit conservative, because various quality-of-build issues can make an actual-maximum-size tire rub on the frame: a not-perfectly-seated tire, an out-of-true wheel, not-centered wheel, etc.

I'm often able to fit one size up compared to the advertised maximum clearance, on road bikes, but I do have to be extra careful with tire seating, and my bike would probably be unrideable if I break a spoke.

VeloOrange said...

Those tires are actually 38.7mm. What manufacturers write on tire sidewalls is often an exaggeration. Jean-Francois is right in that tire clearance is conservative, at least on VO frames (some companies do list the absolute largest tire you could possibly stuff in the frame). The reason to be conservative is that you need some room for mud and debris to get through the frame.

Anonymous said...

How much would this bike be as pictured?

Brian said...

So is the Ebisu for sale? The rules clearly state that you can't have two orange bikes....:-)

VeloOrange said...

@anon 7:06am,

Around $2500usd.


eli said...

How's the 11 speed chain shift with the Grand Cru crankset? According to the specs it's only compatible up to 10 speed.

clau66 said...

Tires 38/40 mm are no longer suitable rims RAID instead of PBP?
Con gomme da 38/40mm. non sono piĆ¹ adatti i cerchi RAID invece dei PBP?