29 June, 2015

Our New Long Setback Seat Post

We've offered the VO Long Setback Seat Post since 2008. It's a great post, especially so for folks who use leather saddles, which usually have shorter rails than plastic saddles. It's also nice for those who like a slacker seat tube angle, getting the saddle further behind the crank. But after all these years we decided it was time for an update. So after much design work and testing we recently introduced the MK 2 version.

The new version has a few advantages. It's stronger. It's easier to adjust. And it has a larger purchase area on the seat rails, which minimizes seat rail scuffing.  But we kept the best features of the original design. The post and head are still one piece, not pressed on like cheaper posts. The post is still internally ovalized for light weight. It still uses a two bolt design that adjusts from the bottom. The clamps mating surfaces are smooth, not notched, for fine adjustment. And there is still a generous 30.2mm of setback, just like the first version.

The new version is available in silver or in black, but only in 27.2mm diameter and 300mm length.

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