08 June, 2015

Campy-style Gum Brake Hoods and Other Cool Rubber Stuff

We have some neat new stuff from a small French company called Rustines. They literally invented the rubber patch kit (which I'll write about soon.) They've been making rubber goods since the early 1900's.

These gum brake hoods are a nice replacement for classic Campagnolo-style brakes. If you've previously looked for replacement Campy hood then you know how rare and ridiculously expensive the originals are. They also fit on Sun Tour Superbe, Modolo, and many other levers that are the same shape. The gum rubber really is gum like the originals, not simply brown as are some modern replacements. We also stock them in white and in black, just like the original colors. They are made in France.

We'll have the half and full hoods for Mafac-stye levers in two or three weeks.

If you've admired constructeur city bikes, or most any better quality classic French bike with upright handlebars, then you've probably seem grips like these. They are made of soft rubber, gum, white, red, or black. These are our all-time favorite grips and have been very hard to find for many years. They are made for 22.2mm bars (regular city/MTB size), but with a little effort they can be installed on 23.8mm (road size) handlebars.
Rubber bar plugs, particularly the black French Velox brand, have been popular with cyclists for many decades. They make a nice bumper to keep the end of your bar from damaging your frame. Some of us have looked high and low for rubber bar plugs in other colors with little success. So we're very happy that Rustines decided to produce these.

These are really nice French-made elastic cords. We think they're much classier than the type from the home improvement store.


Anonymous said...


Andy said...

I'm interested in the elastic cords. What is the length, stretched and unstretched? Will they last longer in the sun than a hardware store bungee/bungie?

VeloOrange said...

These hoods are for non-aero levers, not brifters.

The elastic cords stretch from about 55cm to 100cm. We have not done any longevity comparisons yet, so not sure how long they will last if always exposed to sunlight.

John Hurley said...

The Rustines brake hoods are priced per each, not per pair, correct?

VeloOrange said...

Hoods are priced per pair.

John Hurley said...

I like that tee shirt.

Jason Schwartz said...

Do you know if the hoods will work with older Shimano 600 levers (arabesque)?
thank you