02 July, 2015

Closed for Fireworks, and Riding, and Site Maintenance

by Annette

Velo Orange will be closed Friday, July 3, for the  Independence Day weekend and general revelry.

As well, the website  may be down at times over the weekend: We are refreshing it so it is better compatible with your tablets and smartphones. Of course, we'll try to minimize the disruption as much as we can, but if the site is down it means that even the staff can't get into it to check on things. (We assume you'll be out on your bikes and not looking at the site anyway, but just in case...)

Those of you in the Bend (OR), Boise (ID), and Salt Lake City (UT) areas can catch the VO Grand Cruz rolling through from July 5 - July 9 on its way to RAGBRAI in Iowa July 19 - 25. And everyone from the west coast to Iowa should check the Cruz blog for weekly schedule updates and reports.