07 September, 2012


That's right, VO axle wing nuts are back in stock. Many of you, especially our UK customers, have been asking for these again. This batch is made using new tooling and has a slightly different shape than the MK1 version.

They are made from beautifully forged stainless steel, CNC machined, and polished. They exhibit a cool machine-age aesthetic. Included are matching CNC machined keyed washers. Great for fixie and single-speed bikes--no need to carry a track-nut wrench.

Available only as a set of four, two front and two rear (9mm and 10mm). They work on solid axle hubs, not quick release.


Calvin said...

I am a happy user of the previous wing nuts on a couple of my one speeds. They don't clear my rear derailleur on my geared bike though. Does this model have more clearance?

Respectfully, by my count this is Mark III.

VeloOrange said...

We have not tried them on a derailleur bike, but the clearance is about the same as the MK1.

The first two styles of wing nuts that we sold, and quickly sold out of, were NOS nuts from Europe. That's when I first had the idea to make our own. So these are the second VO brand nuts, but the fourth type that we've sold.

William Blake Stephens said...

I am also a happy user of the later incarnation of the VO wingnuts, i use them on my fixed bike, using a surly dingle to a double up front, and i couldn't be happier with the quick gear changes these allow.