26 September, 2012

VO at Interbike and Campeur Impressions

Gypsy by Trade published a great post about the Campeur, touring bikes, and various VO parts. Please read the whole article. Here's a sample:
Velo Orange released their new Campeur frame this past week at Interbike.  The features read like any touring bike– three bottle mounts, 46cm chain stays, cantilever brakes, rack and fender mounts everywhere– but the exterior is a cut above.  The Campeur accents its svelte stature and fine lines with metallic-flake grey paint, white decals, and a metal head badge.  A custom camping-themed design by cartoonist Dan Price adorns the top tube.  Chris Kulczycki, the owner of VO, reckons that after a year and a half of design, development and prototyping, they’ve gotten it just right.  For example, the curve of the fork blades required several efforts before the frame manufacturer was able to produce a consistent low-radius curve, as opposed to the common dog-leg style bends on many forks.  As well, the bike was tested with front loads and rear loads, as well as full loads and no loads to verify that the handling felt neutral in most cases.  While other VO frames are noted for their French classic low-trail geometry, the Campeur features a more moderate front end design, although it’s described as favoring the “low-trail” end of moderate.  Low-trail frames are ideal for front loads, although the Campeur is designed for multiple load configurations.

Bike Commuters has a new post entitled Interbike 2012: Velo Orange…sooo nice! Lots a photos.

The Path Less Pedaled as an interesting Interbike roundup here. Check out the Interview with Igor at minute-6 of the video.

Gravel Grinders is a very cool blog. You might like the Gravel Grinder News Interbike 2012 Report. The Campeur is near the end.

Guitar Ted liked the gravel racer build Campeur frame we displayed at Interbike. The full post is here.

Lovely Bicycle posted some lovely Interbike photos on Instagram as well as on the blog.

Then there is a small mention in All Hail The Black Market, a blog that's, well, hard to describe, .

Thanks to all the bloggers who mentioned us. By the way, we're happy to send products for review to those of you who have well known blogs with a solid following; just shoot us an e-mail.

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The Gypsy BY trade post makes me want to look up all those old touring bikes mentioned.