25 September, 2006

Wool Jerseys

The Velo Orange Jerseys are here. They are soft merino wool, dark grey with white panels, and have the Velo Orange script in red/orange. There are three back pockets and knit bands around the sleeves and neck.

Wool is the ideal natural fiber for jerseys. It keeps the sweat away from your skin and doesn't feel cold and clamy when wet. Wool is also not prone to smell funky, like some synthetic fibers.

The sizing is just a touch on the small side.


Anonymous said...

The Grantish jerseys look really good on Alec. He's a fine looking boy, takes after his mother I assume. Is that a small Gitane? In spite of all the hype and the cool classic looks, I still think wool is a beast in humid heat. I'm still looking for a loose rayon Hawaiian bicycle jersey that'll really flap in the breeze.
Sorry, late in the day and I'm bored and tired. Be well.

C said...

My wife ordered a long sleeved version of this jersey with my name embroidered across the front. The black is more of an asphalt/charcoal gray and really nice looking. The threading is more orange than red. The fabric is pretty heavy. The fit is spot-on for me. Mine is a large and I'm 5'10", 190lbs. Unlike so many other wool jerseys these jerseys appear to be made for real people with normal dimensions. None of the mile long torso and super short sleeves stuff you find in other woolies. All in all, it's a really nice jersey.

Anonymous said...

Will fall around the corner. How about a full length zipped wool trainer?