15 September, 2006


The Ostrich handlebar bags and saddle bags were delivered today and they can now be ordered through the store. We will start shipping them on Monday.

If you haven't been following the Ostrich bag story, we wanted to find a brand of traditional and well made cyclo-touring bags that didn't cost over $200 apiece (like the famous French brand). Ostrich handlebar bags have been made for over 50 tears using stout cotton duck and reinforced with leather and rivets. They may not be as fancy as the French bags, but they are very sturdy, well designed, and of excellent quality.

My short review and additional photos of the of the bags are here. Alex Wetmore wrote a more detailed review of the handlebar bag and decaleur that can be found on his blog.

We also have the rain covers for the handlebar bags in bright yellow.


Alan said...

Here's another in my long line of questions for those of us who are mechanically challenged; it is actually about the support frame. It looks like the bag mounts to the support frame with a set of screws. Can you take a standard handlebar bag and mount it onto your frame, or is there something special about how the bag is made? I really like the slick way the bag can pop off of the frame when needed. I've thought about buying the support frame and using my old handlebar bag if possible.

Velo Orange said...

Allen, If I understand your question then yes. The decaleur will work with most bags. You use the two small machine screws to attach the rod-like piece to the bag. All you need to do is punch two 5mm holes in the back of the bag and bolt it on.

Alan said...

Thanks Chris. I'm slowly putting a shopping list together for after the jerseys arrive.

Okulus said...

"Excellent equipment of pack and carrying gear for all cyclists at heart
The Big Bicycling"

I am ordering one just because of the tag.

Dad said...

Is this like the bag that Yellow Jersey sells (albeit at a huge markup?)


I like these Ostrich bags; the only thing is that they would seem to stick out awfully far forward. I like Yellow Jersey too except that they are shamefully expensive on most things.

Andrew said...

Expensive is relative. If no one else in the English speaking internet is offering the product, then no competition means a high price. I'm sure Chris has recalibrated Yellow Jersey's sales of these products.

Anonymous said...


nice bags. When I am ready and need bags, you got my business. In the meanwhile, I find the photos of stuff on your Ebisu to be a bit of a tease.
How about a bunch of photos of that beautiful bike?
thanks, I am sure all the readers would dig em'!!

Anonymous said...

I have taken some grief because a couple of my bikes were a little too clean. I have to ask. Has that Ebisu ever turned a pedal outside of a photo shoot?

Velo Orange said...

Mark, Here is a post about the Ebisu with a link to some photos: http://velo-orange.blogspot.com/2006/03/new-ebisu.html

Neil, I ride that bike on a dirt or crushed stone road a couple of weekends a month, as well as on the road several days a week, but it never seems to get dirty ;<) (Plus, those photos were taken 3 months ago with the sample bags)

Anonymous said...

The bike really is stunning. Isn't it amazing how many approaches we can take to a buildup, and they come out beautiful if they're well thought out.

Anonymous said...

Not sure but this looks rather like an Ostrich bag on the back of this bike...



Anonymous said...

Well crap, I see the link I posted got chopped. Here it is on two lines then...