22 September, 2006


Just a short note to say that I'll be at Interbike for most of next week. Interbike is one of the biggest bike trade shows in the world and a lot of manufacturers we might be able to buy from will be there. I particularly hope some of them are willing to make products to our designs.

There will be someone here who can ship some orders, but not all. So if there is anything you need in a hurry, please order this weekend and I'll ship it on Monday.

Anything special I should look for?

Also, the T-shirts just came in. I'll post a photo and put them in the store soon. And the wool jerseys are due to arrive Monday.


Anonymous said...

The Nuvinci continuously variable ratio internal hub looks interesting:

http://www.fallbrooktech.com/03_Bicycle.asp booth#4939-r24

Okulus said...

The NuVinci seems aimed at the same market as the Nexus 8-speed internal hub: 350% vs about 306%.
I wonder about the relative mechanical efficiency compared to the conventionally-geared internal hubs.

Anonymous said...

an alternative shifter for internal hub gears... something other than a twist-grip.


Dad said...

anonymous/pm: for a Nexus 8s setup, you don't have to get a twist grip. Shimano makes a really cool Rapidfire shifter too; it's really tidy. They aren't all that common -- I guess more people prefer twist grips -- but they're certainly in production. I have a Rapidfire shifter on my Nexus-ed city bike and it works just great.