15 April, 2006

Shellac, Honey Toe Clip Leathers, and Mudflaps

Posted by Picasa We have three new products. The fender mud flaps are made of almost 1/4"-thick saddle-maker's leather and come with mounting hardware. They are about 6-1/2" long and about 4-1/2" wide. But, best of all, they don't cost $35 (like some leather mud flaps); they cost $9.75.

We now have our toe clip leathers in thick honey-colored suede, in black, and in lipstick red neubuck . No, I'm not kidding; I found a side of upholstery leather that's black on one side and bright red on the reverse. $5.

And we have shellac kits that include enough de-waxed blond, orange, or garnet flakes to do a bike's worth of handlebars with enough left over for touch-ups. A brush and instructions are also included. $6.50.

Click on the photos to enlarge. Shipping is still $2 for any order. And I'm off on a bike ride.


PK from Ohio said...

On your mudflap; how wide apart are the mounting holes?

Chris Kulczycki said...

The holes are 1-1/2" apart c-c and 1/4" in diameter. Since the holes are hand punched after the flap is made, we can do a set at another distance if it fits on the leather.

Anonymous said...

I just received my shellac and mudflap. These products are awesome!