03 April, 2006

A Decaleur du Sac for 1-1/8" Forks?

Since the first Velo Orange Decaleur is at the welder's and an initial production run looks pretty certain, I've turned my attention to a decaleur for modern bikes. Those of you with stems for 1-1/8" forks know that none of the traditional decaleurs will work. The same is true with several modern quill stems.

My solution is to weld the U-shaped piece (see the lower left-hand photo at the link above) piece to a stainless steel spacer. This will offer the functionality of a traditional decaleur on modern bikes. I'm still waiting to hear from the shop that will, I hope, CNC the spacers, but I think the idea is sound. As always I welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Also, please note that I've updated the Product Update. And we are starting to think about a dedicated web site for sales.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A decaleur de sac for 1 1/4" would be nice too for tandems...