21 April, 2006

Decaleur du Sac, part 2

I've gotten a lot of e-mails about the decaleurs and it has been a painful development process. But the production version of the Velo Orange decaleur du sac, or handlebar bag holder is just about ready. A few very minor changes and we go into production next week.

I am very pleased with the quality. The shop making them is the best in the area. All parts are 304 stainless steel and the welding is first rate.

The decaleur consists of two parts. There is the part that fits on the bag, as shown in the second photo; these will fit any bag. The part that goes on the bike is available in two main versions.

The first is the traditional constructeur type shown at the top of the first photo and also on my Motobecane. It can be ordered in a long drop or short drop version (the long drop is shown). The drop is simply the bag's distance below the handlebar and we've not yet settled on the exact distances that would be best.

The second version is welded to a 3 mm (1/8") stainless steel spacer and mounts on the headset stack. It is available in a 1" version and a 1-1/8" version.

Like the first version it can be bent to fine-tune the height and ensure your bag rests on your front rack. I have done this on my Ebisu as shown in the last two photos. The U-shaped part is solid rod, not tube, so it can be safely bent.

The first production run will be very small and I suggest that if you want one, you reserve your's soon. No deposit is require.

The price has yet to be determined. My best guess now is between $40 and $50 for the complete unit. I'll know the exact cost next week when the welder and machinist give me their final numbers based on the couple of very minor changes we'll make.Separate bike and bag mounts will also be available should you want to switch a bag between bikes. Delivery should be in two to three weeks.

On a related note. The Velo Orange E-store will be operational sometime next week. Thanks for all the suggestions, encouragement, and orders.

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Chris, can you please contact me - lynnmiller@chainringtransitauthoity.com - Thanks,

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