17 April, 2006

Look what the Easter Bunny brought

We'll be shipping brass bells tomorrow, ding ding! $9 each.

And the flashlight brackets arrived ahead of schedule. They are thick electro-polished 304 stainless made for us by a well known manufacturer of yachting hardware. $12 in C or AA size. Please read my post about why flashlight mounts are so practical.

The photo on the lower below shows the flashlight bracket on a TA/Mafac rack.


Anonymous said...

Chris, Just got my order and Blinged up the riv! Your orders come fast and the instructions, idiot-proof! The bell, flap and light mount look great. Look for me on the Riv site sometime in the future.


Chris Kulczycki said...

Please send a photo that I can put up on the blog. Folks must be sick of seeing my bikes.


PantsPants said...

Hey Chris,

I've slowly been working my way back through the blog archives (It's been fun) and I'm wondering what happened to one of your original products ... the flashlight mounts. I have one of your Rando racks which I'm about to include on a build up of a Polyvalent frame. Been wondering how I can handle lighting with a little more elegance than a blinky LED handlebar light but still within a budget. The flashlight solution has class and heritage - too qualities I appreciate. Will these mounts come back?