27 April, 2006

Leather Chainstay Protectors

At the suggestion of a couple of Velo Orange blog readers I made a few leather chainstay protectors. They are self adhesive peel and stick. So far I have one on my Kogswell and on my Motobecane city bike.

Right now we have a few in chocolate brown; honey and black versions will be ready early next week.

These really are so much classier than those fake carbon fiber stickers or thick packing tape you see on some bikes. $8 in the Velo Orange Store.


Anonymous said...

Neat idea, but if you need a chainstay protector on your single speed, we should have a little talk about chain tension.

Chris Kulczycki said...


It was the only bike I had around that was built up and didn't have a chrome rear triangle or brazed-on fittings for a protector, a little artistic licence please ;<)

Martina said...

Neat idea but if he need a chainstay protector on hm single speed.