04 March, 2021

Rough Stuff Fellowship Book Update

By Scott

I've always been drawn to the written stories about cycling. I've written about how cycling books were an early inspiration to me here. I love reading the stories and trying to imagine the area they are riding, from the high Atlas mountains of Morocco to winter in arctic Norway. I see bikes as a great tool to get out and experience the world at a slower pace.

In that vein, we're proud to announce that we have the Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive book back in stock now. We've been working with the publishers in the UK to get more of these books back into stock, and they are here at last. These are the same soft cover, 2nd edition ones that we have had for a while. With this restock, we are now also able to offer pricing for shops to sell the books as well.

In other RSF news, they have now announced a Volume 2 that is due later this year. It's more photos and more stories about the RSF. The Kickstarter link is here and we'll be getting Volume 2 into stock when it gets published this fall.


Brett said...

Where did you find a copy of "The crunch of gravel under thrumming tyres"? I haven't had any luck finding one!

VeloOrange said...

I found it through abebooks.com a couple of years ago. I think it shipped from a US book shop too!