11 March, 2021

Neutrino Gets a New Flavor, Pistachio. Plus Dropper Routing!

by Adrian

So we have a small announcement - Neutrinos are back in stock! And this go-around they have a cool new color, a green we're calling Pistachio. Just like its ice cream counterpart, this new flavor is delicious.
Without being too loud, Pistachio is definitely a fun color you can play-up with your component and accessory choices. The silver downtube decal similarly adds both class and understated flash.

The Neutrino still has all the goodies you know and love - beautiful wishbone seatstays, braze-ons out the wazoo, and let's not forget the kickstand plate that lets you park your steed (or pony?) with ease.

In addition to the color change, this iteration of the Neutrino minivelo is dropper post compatible. A necessity to up the rad-factor, it also helps the frame fit in Rinko bags, or if you just want the advantage of quick transitions from in and out of the saddle. If you choose to forgo the dropper post, the internal routing can easily be utilized for your rear brake set-up for a clean look.

Like many of our other offerings, a small tube is brazed into the downtube allowing for easy housing installation. No need to fish around for the cable and housing.

We've seen a surprising amount of people use the Neutrino for full-fledged touring, though I suppose that isn't truly surprising, as its design inspiration is having a manageable size for traveling and navigating urban environments.

It's smaller and lighter than a more traditionally sized bike, but is designed to have the feel and handling of a full-sized frame. This gives it the benefit of being easy to maneuver in smaller spaces, carry up stairs, store in smaller spots, and travel with, while making it a familiar and comfortable ride. Drops or flats, knobby or smooth, road or gravel, we've seen the Neutrino shine in so many configurations - even some ebike conversions! The Neutrino is unique but wildly versatile, making it a great all-arounder. Take it on tour, or home after work.

As of writing this post, we cannot reliably offer a stock complete bike due to a shortage of parts like shifters, derailleurs, and cassettes. Custom builds are still on the table, though! Shoot us an email to get the conversation started.

In addition to the Neutrino re-stock, we received a good deal of parts and accessories including but not limited to:

We're also introducing new Hinged Water Bottle Cage Clamps. With 28.6 and 31.8 mm options and coming in both silver and noir, these handy-dandy clamps allow you to securely mount your bottle cages on downtubes and seat tubes. Or any other qualifying tubes, I suppose.
Sometimes it's the small things that matter. 


mmmaaaattttt said...

Are there any plans for another run of quill stem Polyvalents? Am looking to size up from my green poly.

VeloOrange said...

@mmmaaatttt - no plans to do another run of quill stem Polyvalents-Scott

damonthomaslee said...

Is the non step through/straight top tube polyvalent finished for good?

VeloOrange said...

@damonthomaslee - The diamond frame Polyvalent will be back. We are expecting more of those frames in June. Same sage green as the low kicker frame.