10 July, 2019

Rough Stuff Fellowship- a visual archive

By Scott

A group that was riding touring bikes where mountain bikes would later go was the Rough Stuff Fellowship in the UK. This hardy band of cyclists rode bikes (and pushed bikes) through the British Isles and the remote regions of Europe well before the folks in Marin County were flying down hill on modified Klunker bikes.

A year ago, the RSF hired an archivist to collect and catalog photos belonging to the club and its members. Now, we finally have a book that reproduces the photos of those rides in glorious color. It's 207 pages thick and over 95% of it is photos of riders/riding scenes.
I've been following the process on their Instagram and we were excited to be able to import some copies of the book which is available on our web store.

One of the coolest parts of the book is that they have reprinted the club's account of the first self supported crossing of Iceland by bicycle. Yes, Horace Dahl crossed Iceland in 1933, but had "help" crossing one of the rivers and thus the RSF riders were the first self supported riders, using their own inflatable rafts to cross the rivers in the interior. For those of us obsessed with riding in Iceland, this is pure gold!
July 16th update- Thanks for the support. We sold the first batch out quickly, but the book is back in stock.

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