31 July, 2019

Flat Pack Front Rack Prototypes

by Igor

Front racks and handlebar bags are the Wild West. There's no convention, rhyme, or reason for braze-on placements let alone glue-ons for carbon forks. We could push another braze-on mounting standard onto the world but, to be honest, I think we're all tired of the "standards" that exist. So we've decided to go with the flow. We've been toiling over this adjustable, sturdy, and flat-packable front rack that will fit on nearly any bike with at least a lowrider mount.

So to make this super adjustable, we've employed the use of two (or four) adjustable rods with bends to mount to the sides of the fork blades or spool eyelet. The upper parts of the rods are held in by a daruma-style clamp with adjustable positioning that can sit inboard or outboard depending on your application and fork design.

The lower part of the rod is shaped in such a way that it can mount flush on the side of your fork's blades. With so many forks out there riddled with eyelets and holes for low-riders and three-pack mounts for the Mojave Bottle Cage, you can choose where the rack will mount.

Connecting the rack to the fork crown is to simply use this little do-dad we call a Foot. This beefy mount sits flat against the fork crown and is also mounted to the same daruma-style receiver, so it can slide up or down depending on your stem positioning (for handlebar bag clearance) and general clearance needs.

One of the issues with front racks, even other adjustable-legged varieties, is the inability to transport and ship them easily. This is where the magic happens. The Integrated Decaleur or tombstone (we'll include both), is removable.

That's right. This baby flat-packs into a super sleek package for ease of transport when you travel with your bike as well as shipping (we ship to all corners of the world).

Whether you're running a Basket or a Randonneur Bag, it'll work, just switch the backstop. Or take it off all together! Clint mounted a Wald 137 Basket to the rack and used the threaded portion of the rack as a perfect zip-tie mounting point.

We're also working up some ideas for other modular backstops for additional applications. Maybe something for an XXXXXXXL Bag?

Before going into production, we need to do a couple tweaks to the hardware and subsequent re-testing, so look for them to be in early 2020!


John Thurston said...

Flat-pack! I love it.

A couple of suggestions/requests.

Please consider offering a narrower platform than what you have pictured. Wide is nice, but some of us like narrow :) The same flat-pack and mounting components can be reused.

If you keep the slotted bar across the back of the rack, consider offering your "daruma-style receiver" with a raised anti-rotation key which fits into that slot. It's aluminum, right? Anyone who wanted their mount to rotate could easily file that key off.

And in addition to the "little do-dad we call a Foot", how about a rod with a threaded end? Like you had on the Campeur rack. My front straddle-cable barely clears the threaded rod. It would hang up on an elevated rod like the Foot has.

Beau said...

This rack solves a lot of problems, especially for travel bikes. Great looking design, guys. Is there an ETA or projected price yet?

Unknown said...

Love the rack-I agree with John, a narrow version would be nice. Does the "little do-dad we call a Foot" allow the use of standard caliper brakes? Most of my bikes have caliper rather than canti brakes-unfortunately-as they are mostly 70's and 80's steel roadies-with the exception of our dedicated Miyata 610 and Trek 720. I just love your stuff-as do my Peugeots.


Anonymous said...

I would buy it. I’ve tried 2 racks so far and both failed to fit the mounts on my Spot Five Points.

mike w. said...

i have had 2 of your Randonneur front racks (non-cantilever) and i am glad that you (finally!)made the centre mounting tang adjustable. i really like the integrated decaleur since i ride a larger fame but don't want to buy a larger front bag just because it would "fit" the gap between rack & bars.

My only complaint is that the Randonneur's struts are fixed, and often need to be bent to fit certain forks. Could you consider an adjustable strut attachment(similar to Nitto's)? That would be perfect! Thanks!

China Silver Brazing Wires said...

It feels good to know that the centre mounting tang has been made adjustable. I had problem with the non adjustable one for so long!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a good front rack for my Trek 412. I agree with Matt it would be great if these could be used with standard caliper brakes! Would also love it if they could be used with p-clamps!

Pete said...

Any updates on these? I've got a bike ready and waiting. :)

VeloOrange said...


They're on the way! Should be here mid-February.


Anonymous said...

Obviously there is much going on in the world at this time so not super surprising that these have not appeared yet. Updated ETA, though?