26 April, 2019

Retro-Modern Country Campeur with Porteur Bars

by Igor

I'm really enjoying how prevalent retro-modern design is in so many facets of our lives. Whether it's architecture, knives, watches, household fixtures, and of course bikes, there is something a bit warmer, more individualistic, and approachable about something that exudes class while having a modern functionality. Case in point is Dhiren's new Campeur.

We started the conversation with a few photos of how he wanted the bike to look: traditional country bike, thumbie shifters, Porteur Handlebars, and lots of polished components and accessories. The end result is a timeless combination of traditional style, hints of new, lots of personality, and loads of versatility.

Porteur Bars make for a super comfortable position with multiple hand positions for long rides.

The shifters are Shimano 11 speed bar-ends fitted to our Thumbie Mounts. The idea is that he can hang on to the bar pods and go to drop handlebars in the future if he so chooses. Thus keeping the drivetrain in tact and only needing to get brake levers and a handlebar to make the switch. Neat idea!

Our Leather Bar Tape is supple and very comfortable. It'll age and develop a lovely patina over time. The housing runs under the tape and makes it very easy to get a grip.

We re-rediused a set of our 52mm 650b Zeppelin Fenders to really match the style of the build. They were drilled and perfectly mounted to a Constructeur Rear Rack for commuting and light duty touring.

Cable management was interesting. We to make the right angle for the cable stop, we routed the front brake over the stem, and the rear brake followed. It looks a bit crazy, bit all the arcs are graceful and friction is super low.

The drivetrain is our 50.4 Crankset paired to an 11-32 cassette and 105 derailleurs. Plenty of range, super crisp shifting, and terrific look.

Since the fenders are a bit too wide for the frameset, we indented them so they fit perfectly. These are the little details that make my heart go pitter-patter.

A Brooks Antique Brown Saddle pairs exceptionally well to the brown bar tape.

For a complete build list, click here! Interested in your own custom VO build? Shoot us an email and we can get the process started!

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