15 April, 2019

Bike Build Ideas: Brett's Do-it-All Campeur

by Igor

Brett came to us to help build up an all-weather Campeur into a do-it-all commuter, light tourer, and rail-trail crusher that exudes class with a splash of modern components. Here's the final product! You can see the complete build list right here.

It was my first time installing the Shimano Tiagra 4700 component set and I was quite pleased! Not as finicky as an 11speed group and a bunch more affordable without sacrificing Shimano's new ergonomics.

The Nouveau Randonneur and Removable Faceplate Quill Stem makes a great, modern cockpit.

The front Snakeskin Fender is securely mounted directly to the rack.

Ready for a Randonneur Handlebar Bag!

The Campeur Rear Rack will hold commuting items like a laptop, extra clothes, lunch, etc and help get the load off his back.

Campeur Rack mounts super securely to the cantilever studs.

The combination of our 50.4 Crankset and an 11-32 cassette is perfect for commuting and light touring.

Brett often commutes in boots, so he'll use all the real estate the Sabot Pedals can provide.

I've used the Teravail Ramparts on several builds at this point and have been very pleased. Simple file tread, foldable, tubeless compatible, and lightweight. What more do you want?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful build. Looks like a versatile, fun bike to ride.
Alexandria, VA

Andy said...

Looks great! How low weight do you think a Campeur could be built with lighter components for a guy under 170 lb and not planning to carry massive touring loads?

VeloOrange said...


Good question! How low could you go? It really depends on your application and budget. Carbon wheels, very lightweight tires, lightweight seatpost, and synthetic saddle would drop a few pounds. I wouldn't necessarily trust them for touring, but they would shed a bit of weight. No fenders, racks, etc... would drop weight, too. Just as a data-point, my 55cm Campeur with downtube shifters, non-aero brake levers, fenders, and front rack weighted just about 27lbs. No fancy components, but still quite spritely!


Unknown said...

Reminds me a bit of my (production) rando:


I have no idea as to the weight, but it's a lot of fun!