28 August, 2018

Randonneur and Transporteur Bags Restock with FAQs!

by Igor

We just received a nice restock of our popular RandonneurTransporteur, and Snapper Bags in Burgundy, Teal, and Black.

Since we've introduced this line, we've had a few re-occurring questions that we thought we could combine into a nifty FAQ:

  • Can I use the Randonneur Bag without a decaleur?
    • In theory yes, but you'll need a rack at least as wide if not wider than the bag's footprint: 27x19.5cm. We designed the bag to work perfectly with our Randonneur and Campeur Racks, so that is what we suggest for an ideal setup.
  • Does the Transporteur fit on the Surly 24-Pack Rack?
    • Yes. You'll need to arrange the movable velcro straps to really cinch it down, but it works great.
  • Is the Randonneur Bag waterproof?
    • The Cordura outer layer and a truck tarp liner makes for a waterproof combination, but the entire bag cannot be thought of as waterproof as it has a lid. It isn't a dry bag. For our purposes as bike riders, you can safely store things inside the main compartment and be confident that they will be dry. Though, if you open the bag up during a storm, things get wet, obviously.
  • Is the Transporteur Bag waterproof?
    • When the top is rolled down snugly, it is waterproof.
  • Does the bag come with a shoulder strap?
    • Both bags include a simple shoulder strap for off-the-bike fashion shows.
  • Are the bags vegan?
    • They sure are!
  • What's the largest camera that fits in the Snapper Sack?
    • Largest? A mirrorless camera with a pancake lens is probably the biggest. I use a Lumix LX100 as my everyday camera and it is based (loosely) off those proportions. The bag is roughly 16cm deep and 8.5cm across, so take that for what it's worth. Anything bigger and I'd suggest putting it inside the main compartment of the Randonneur Bag. It's also a great fit for SLR lenses!

  • Can I fit a waterbottle in the Snapper Sack?
    • You sure can. It makes a great additional bottle location for smaller sized frames and those using frame bags that take up prime main triangle space. Drink up!
  • Do the Snapper Sack and Cell Phone Pockets work on Wald style baskets?
    • 10-4!


Jim Mearkle said...

Have you ever considered a bar bag bigger than the Burrito but smaller than the Rando? I have Topeak's Compact 1.5 liter bag. I sometimes wish I had a bit more room, but I don't need the full size bag. A 2 to 3 liter bag would suit me fine. There isn't much out there in that size range.

VeloOrange said...

Hey Jim,

Check out Roadrunner's Burrito Supreme. It's 2.58L and I use it on my road bike for long rides.



David Moskovitz said...

You have pics of every side of the rando bag EXCEPT the bottom, which has some stuff on it that folks might like to see. What an annoying comment, this guy's a jerk.

Igor Shteynbuk said...

Hey David, the very last photo on the product page has a view of the bottom. Hit the little arrow for more photos.

Anonymous said...

What's the rack used with the Rando Bag in the first photo? Thx


VeloOrange said...

I believe it's a Soma offering.