30 August, 2018

PathLessPedaled Reviews the Polyvalent!

by Igor

Russ from The Path Less Pedaled recently published his video review of our new Polyvalent. We're happy to hear his positive evaluation of the build, and see the great footage of him putting it through its paces. Here are a few excerpts from the video:

  • "Depending on how you want to load up the bike, it truly is a versatile bike..."
  •  About the front end handling: "slightly more bias to the stable side, but still fairly playful..."
  • "...when I was descending, even on rough stuff, I was able to keep the bike pointed in the direction I wanted it to go."
  • "One of my biggest likes was actually the handling. It rode fairly neutral but felt springy."
  • "A cool mix of modern components...and retro touches that actually add to the ride feel of the bike."
  • "Awesome for bike commuting and touring..."
Be sure to watch the whole video for the full take! You can also find the full build list right here.


We're going to be closed Monday, September 3rd in observance of our Labor Day Holiday. Orders placed over the holiday weekend will go out on Tuesday. If you need your order to leave before the weekend, make sure you place it before 2pm ET on Friday, August 31st.

Happy riding!

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