26 July, 2018

Rustines Re-Stock and More 650b Disc Wheels

By Scott

Coming in at the same time as the Polyvalent, Piolet, and Campeur container, was a massive resupply of the Rustines products that so many of us love.

We got more of the ever popular Campy hoods (we've actually increased by a couple multitudes the numbers of those that we order every time) in gum, black and white, more of the Mafac hoods- both standard and half hoods, and more Universal hoods in black and gum.

We also got in samples of new Universal hoods that come with the cable adjuster for the old Universal brake levers. They're going to be around $55 for the pair, any interest?

We also got in another shipment of our 650b Disc Wheels (Rear and Front). So if you need a set of wheels to go with your new Polyvalent, they're in stock now. We've been testing them with the 47mm WTB Horizon and Byway Tires and are pleased to say that the combination works well. 

Happy Riding!


R Bauer said...

Universal brake lever hoods would be great! The proposed price ($55) is expensive and I'd wish it lower, but it's not out of the ballpark vis-a-vis prices on Ebay.

I assume the little adjuster pieces would not be available separately, but that would be good, too.

wilsonhubbell said...

Absolutely yes for the Universal brake hoods! I could use 2 pair right now...

Eric said...

Hey Igor, have you considered a 650b disc wheelset with a dynamo hub (I'm sure you have). The hivemind seems to think the sanyo is OK, and Shimano just came out with a TA dynamo hub.