30 July, 2018

Away in Taiwan

by Igor

Each year we head to Taiwan for product development meetings, hand shaking, and food digestion. Our visit usually coincides with Taipei Bike Expo, but since this year's Expo is at the end of October, we will sadly miss out on the weird e-bike, high-zoot performance, and general oddball products that will no doubt be at the convention center. Instead, we and our partner factories will be able to dig deep into the nitty gritty of product development without the impending pressure of four days of walking and lugging pamphlets.

I'm going to be in Taiwan for a week and a half, first acclimating, then meetings, then a nice mixed terrain tour on my Polyvalent down to Taroko National Forest, and then hug the East Coast back to Taipei. After meetings, Clint goes off to Japan to tour and visit a few of our dealers.

So that brings us to VO World Headquarters. Each and every one of us work exceptionally hard to answer all questions both through electronic mail, snail mail, and telephone lines in a very timely fashion. It would be helpful for our staff to answer email rather than call if you have any questions or need to contact us, especially if we need to delve deep into the VO Institutional Collective to answer obscure or very technical questions.

Definitely not a Borg Cube
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