20 June, 2018

New Klunker Pads and Burrito Bags

by Igor

We just got in these super fun and super safe Crash Pads made for our Klunker Handlebars. They're made from Cordura-wrapped foam and secure to the Klunk's cross-member using hearty velcro.

Crash Pads are currently available in four colors: two radical, one subdued, and one to match your cool cargo camo pants.

In the same care package, we got in Burrito Handlebar Bags. They're sized for, you guessed it, a submarine sandwich.

They're simple, lightweight, universal, and can carry all your bits and bobs that you may need quick access to. They measure 8 inch in length and 3 inch in diameter and are available in Teal and Black.

Happy Riding!

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