11 June, 2018

650b Wavy Fenders Arrive!

by Igor

The Wavy Fenders have arrived! No longer will those of you with road+ tires have skunk-tail or fiendishly spray your riding friends with speckles of moist gravel.

In case you missed previous posts and teasers about them, they're 58mm wide, designed for 650b/27.5"/584 wheels, and cover tires up to 50mm - the meat 'n potatoes of gravel and all-road bikes.

While a high polished silver finish has always been our MO, the Noir line has been wildly popular, and so of course we're going to offer it, too! Who could have thought black components would have stuck?

The pattern tooling involved in these is more sophisticated than any other fender tooling we've invested in. Our other fendersets use a single roller, but the Wavys use two - a male and female pair working in tandem, with a very specific amount of pressure to make sure the fender receives the pattern properly without deforming the metal or damaging its mate. It's a delicate balance that leaves a ... lasting impression. Puns aside, they're gorgeous and we're super excited to add them to our extensive fender lineup.


brian said...

Huzzah! Huzzah, I say!

Hey, any chance we can get a Constructeur rack with an integrated decaleur? No reason.

Ray Day said...

These look amazing! Looking forward to seeing these in person.

Anonymous said...

where can I buy those Handelbar Wraps?

VeloOrange said...


We tie-dyed white cotton wraps! Here's a how-to we did a while back: https://velo-orange.blogspot.com/2017/03/tie-dye-fri-dye.html


Unknown said...

Do they offer release have that break if something gets stuck between fender and tire?

Unknown said...

Just wondering, how well does something like your fender reflector or the Son fender rear light fit to these with the wavy profile?

VeloOrange said...


Our reflector fits on the wavy profile fine, no issues mounting it.