01 May, 2018

Thanks for the Great Times, LA!

by Igor

We just got back from Los Angeles, where we had a lovely group ride followed by a meet n' greet at our bag manufacturer, Road Runner Bags. It was a great time, so sit back and enjoy our photo essay.

Starting out from the coffee shop (where all rides should always commence), we tracked through the city, crushed a series of gravel roads, and finally meandered a ton of narrow, dusty, single-track trails. Had I turned Strava on, you would see a spaghetti of red lines, speeds exceeding 30mph on the downhills, and speeds reduced to 0mph for sections that required a good 'ol hike-a-bike.

We had a terrific group of riders and sincerely enjoyed every minute of the trip!

Rollin' deep

Tony's Black Mountain Cycles was wearing a Randonneur Front Rack and Handlebar Bag

Mike, all the way from Australia!

Tony with his googly-eyed Rando Bag

This nicely set up Niner had Dajia Cycleworks Far Bars. A wonderful choice for mixed terrain riders.

Day Tripper Saddle Bag with a freshly found future-telling crystal.

Fenders and all, run what you brung.

Sean's custom frame had a Postino Handlebar and City Brake Levers.

Overlooking the 101.

Ester looking fly as always.

Stephanie's mega wheelie!

Clint's Piolet looked right at home on the dusty and rocky trails.

An alternate descent.

Zooming back into the city

Filipe on the Polyvalent in Porteur mode with a Transporteur Bag.

Once we got back to the shop, brews and good times were had. We revamped RRB's showroom space to display our luggage collaboration. Look closely and you'll see a color that we're thinking of putting into production.

The jersey was a hit.

One of the most radical custom low-riders I've ever seen.


Yep, there's a hoof in that Mojave Bottle Cage.

Another Randonneur Bag, this time on Alex's Wolverine.

Samba crew checking in

 A big thanks to Road Runner Bags and LA for hosting us!


Kendra said...

Can I ask about Filpe’s bars? They look like a very shallow flared drop. I’ve been toying with the idea of switching back to drops (from moustache) if I can find the right bar. This one looks interesting.

VeloOrange said...

Hey Kendra,

Filipe was riding or upcoming Nouveau Randonneur Handlebars. They'll be available in the Summertime. Search the blog for more info on them.


Anonymous said...

Helmets are a stain.

Unknown said...

‘Twas a good time indeed!