08 May, 2018

Container Arrives: Restock of Crazy and Klunker Bars

by Igor

We just got in a container! We're excited to see our newest addition and some familiar faces back in stock.

Check out our new 50mm 26" Snakeskin Fenders to fit with 26" tires that are 42mm and under - the sweet spot for many world class touring bikes.

While the Klunker and Crazy Handlebars are considered by many to be "alt-bars", we consider them to be supremely comfy, utilitarian, and a fun addition to any off-road tourer or urban rider.

In addition to those bars, we also restocked on a number of parts and accessories:
The Piolets, Polyvalents, and Campeurs are almost out from paint. I apologize for the delay in delivery and appreciate your patience. The process between approving prototypes and final delivery is fraught with dozens of opportunities to delay production. Between frame component supply, packed production schedules, tooling adjustments, QC, paint and decaling, and final QC, we're expecting final delivery in Mid-June. Again, we appreciate your amazing patience.

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