17 March, 2017

Taiwan Trip and New Fairweather XC Tires

by Igor

Next week, Clint and I are traveling to Taiwan to attend the Taipei International Cycle Show. We'll meet with our suppliers to discuss frame designs, new cockpit offerings, fenders, rims, and a multitude of other parts and accessories.
In between meetings, we'll ride bikes and eat lots and lots of street food.

I'm taking my trusty Campeur: 20 speed'd, fender'd, front rack'd, and dynamo lighting'd. Clint is taking a much more minimal approach to his travel bike: a single speed Surly Traveller's Check with front rack for lots of 7-11 sushi triangles. Expect lots of photos on Instagram, and don't forget to check out our Stories, too!

We'll have a full report with status updates and even some teasers when we return. If you have any ideas or products you'd like to see, email us: ideas@velo-orange.com
We just got in these fast-rolling and extra supple XC tires by our friends over at Fairweather and Panaracer in Japan. These tires are a great fit for your no-road touring or MTB. Though they are designed for mounting with a tube, Clint is going to try out running them tubeless on his hardtail. They're available in 26x2.1" and 29x2.25".
Lastly, we just got in a shipment of Mojave Cages and Fairweather Shred Bars.


Coline said...

Remember to order some PolyMixteante frames while you are there, money in bank for large size...

Look out for devices which turn handlebars 90 degrees for easy parking, tried one last year and the bike took up almost no space in the house!

Have fun.

wilsonhubbell said...

How about Grand Cru O setback seatposts in something other than 27.2? You could carry 26.0 seatposts with a variety of shims to fit 26.2, 26.6 (mostly French) and 26.8 (mostly Japanese) seat tubes. In particular, high-end Japanese frames from the 1970s and 1980s primarily used 26.8 seatposts.

Wilson Hubbell
Santa Barbara

Anonymous said...

seconding Wilson- 26.0 and shims in setback seatposts is a good idea.