07 March, 2017

Little Bit of This and That

by Igor

I'll keep it short and sweet.

We're putting Microfiber Touring Saddles in regular and wide widths with dinged or crooked badges on sale. We've moved to doing a screenprinted VeloORANGE logo because we think they look better and are safer during transport.
We're working on a new design for our VO skewers to make them more disc brake friendly (they currently flip open more than 180 degrees), so our current ones are on sale. They're perfectly fine for disc and rim brake applications granted you have brushed up on Quick Release 101.
Thanks so much for your patience with the Cigne Stems being out of stock. They take a long time to make and the last production run sold through way faster than we expected - sometimes that happens when you test the waters with a new product. We're getting lots more in early-April.
More Mojave Cages are arriving next week. When you sign up for a product alert, you get an automated email telling you a product is in stock.
Using bikepacking equipment means you probably have braze-ons that go unused. These nifty plastic screws plug your frame and fork's holes to deter moisture and debris from entering your tubes.

That is all. Have a great day!


bsimon said...

Glad someone is finally offering plastic screws to plug unused braze-ons. I have some forks with a dozen stainless screws in them...

Mark Holm said...

Smear a little petroleum jelly on the screw threads to keep water and thus rust out of your frame threads. Only downside is I don't know what sort of plastic these are made out of. A few plastics are weakened by petroleum jelly, but not many.

I use round head stainless steel screws in both used and unused threaded braze ons, with blue loctite to keep the screws in place and water out. https://www.mcmaster.com/#94500a231/=16nqstd