07 February, 2017

The VO Site Will Be Down for 48 hours

The VO web store will be undergoing maintenance for about 48 hours. We'll grease everything, replace some the bearings, run new cables, and more.

It'll be shut down tonight at around 5pm ET and be back up again late on the 9th, so if you need anything shipped right away please order in the next few hours. We won't even be able to sell stuff in the showroom since the whole sales system will be down.

That is all; carry on.


thedrink said...

Ah, I see that you went to the same bicycle mechanics school that I did.

Matk Holm said...

Those "9-speed" Deore long cage derailers are probably the best ever for touring and general purpose riding. They are rated at 45 tooth macimum capacity, but I've got mine doing 47, just fine.

Good luck with the upgrades.

Steve said...

Wow, good thing I did not wait until tomorrow to buy my French threaded BB. Whole assembly is now installed in my 1971 Gitane. Thanks!