15 February, 2017

A Big Hello From Igor and Adrian

by Igor and Adrian

Being part of the Velo Orange team for a combined 10 years has always been an amazing and rewarding experience. We get to work with fantastic people and design and produce bicycle products that we sincerely enjoy. As we step into our new roles as owners, we’d like to share a bit of what we hope to accomplish.

But first, we wanted to give all of our readers and customers a huge thank you. You guys and gals drive our passion to create, develop, and launch products that have a foot in both worlds of yester-year and today. Thank you.

Aside from losing Chris and Annette, who will be sorely missed, all staff will remain. So expect to get the same exemplary customer service out of Velo Orange, with timely shipping and familiar ordering.

From a product standpoint, development within our niche is exciting. Sometimes it’s a classic concept that has been lost to obscura, and other times we come up with an idea that is totally unique. Either way, we will strive to keep you updated through our various social media avenues. Be warned, we do enjoy teasing drawings and prototype photos. And as always, safety and function is paramount to us, so we will ensure that every single product VO offers will be tested to the appropriate standards for its intended use both in the lab and on the bike.

Content generation is the lifeblood of any successful business, so expect more tour reports, show and expo participation, and general cycling musings. Cycling is our passion. Adrian and I, and the VO gang, have long resumes of cycling: traditional touring, randonneuring, bikepacking, cyclo-crossing, road racing, fixed gear-ing, and mountain biking - we’d like to share more of these stories with you.

We are excited to continue VO’s direction of quality, affordable, reliable products with vintage flair for cyclo-tourists, commuters, and city riders. It is what VO was built on. If you have a good chunk of time free, please explore the blog from 2006 onward. There is a lot of valuable insight, interesting bike parts, and great discussions from VO’s early years.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime: igor(at)velo-orange.com and adrian(at)velo-orange.com

Thanks and happy riding!


Anonymous said...

You guys are super awesome. Power couple!!

MG said...

Congratulations team! Good luck to Chris and I'm excited about VO's future as you begin a new chapter!

Anonymous said...

Best luck to you both as you start this new chapter--I really appreciate your (Igor's) help when purchasing my Campeur in back in 2015. Cheers!


Dana Shifflett said...

Best wishes, guys! Now, when am I gonna be able to buy a 650b diagonale front wheel?

John I said...

Congratulations! I'm glad VO wasn't sold to an off-shore holding company.

Jamie D said...

Congratulations and wishing you all the success and happiness with your new adventure.
The future is looking good ;)


Unknown said...

Excited to see the direction you guys continue to head and the new directions you go!

-Newark Bike Project (your sole Delaware dealer : ] )