17 November, 2016

It's Beaujolais Nouveau Day

By Chris

As I've done in the past few years, I wanted to remind everyone that  Beaujolais Nouveau is released today. And as is tradition at Velo Orange, we are enjoying a glass or two at work (it enhances creativity). It's not that we're wine snobs, quite the opposite. Most of us drink craft beers and an occasional whisky. This wine is only a few weeks old and it is not a "fine wine." It is an inexpensive and quaffable wine, a fun drink that can be enjoyed by anyone to celebrate the harvest. It's meant to be consumed in copious quantities in the first year of its life. Its a light-bodied and fruity wine made from Gamay grapes, Cost is around $10 a bottle. Why today? French regulations prohibit Beaujolais Nouveau from being sold until the third Thursday in November. 


S. Molnar said...

I have paid no attention to Beaujolais Nouveau for the past 20 years or so because the price to quality ratio became silly. Maybe things have calmed down a bit, but it went from being an indulgence that was lightweight and light on the wallet to being an overpriced marketing gimmick. Very much unlike Velo Orange products, which remain very good value for the money.

Unknown said...

Beaujolais is to enjoy and celebrate the new wine and life

RoadieRyan said...

Thanks to your post I had to pick up a bottle, an interesting taste certainly different than my normal "Big red" choices of Cab Sauv or Malbec etc.