07 November, 2016

Philly Bike Expo Roundup

by Igor

From L-R: Clint, Adrian, Igor, Scott. Photo courtesy of Rod Bruckdorfer
We wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to this past weekend's Philly Bike Expo! In addition to talking about our new products, we had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Gorgeous Randonnneur from Royal H
Front Constructeur Rack

Track bike from Stanridge Speed
Ely of RuthWorks SF makes excellent classic and modern cycling luggage
Love seeing Chris Bishop's fine lugwork and amazing builds

Wonderful wooden bikes with VO bits from Sojouner Cyclery

Great to meet Jamie Swan this year and see his work up close

Hanford Cycles of Firth and Wilson is putting out some stunning classic tourers and commuters made in Philadelphia

Ludicrous welding and painting from Ground Up Speed Shop

Concept bike by Cherubim, imported by Bronin Jitensha

This lightweight, S&S coupled tourer by Winter Bicycles was stunning

Peter Weigle came by with a terrific Rinko tourer with Zeppelin fenders and Rustines Grips mounted on the drops

Outrageous Seven with Grand Cru brakes


ScottM said...

I stopped into Firth & Wilson last year while my wife was at a conference in Philadelphia and the shop had a great bike nirvana feel. (They also do Brooks repairs in house there and I brought in an old Wrights that needed new rails as my excuse to make the trip.) As a bonus you can combine a bike share trip and a trolley ride for the round trip back to downtown.

Anonymous said...

Since it has been made public, does anybody have any photos of the new VO prototypes?

jonathansmith68 said...

@anon, these are the only photos that I've seen from the show so far:


Thankfully they are excellent quality shots! Looking forward to future posts on the blog covering the Polyvalent MK4.