23 May, 2016

Raw Camargue Shredeur, MTB History Recreated

By Chris
Photos by Igor

Long before the boys in Marin county were inventing mountain bikes, French cyclists were riding and racing city bikes and porteur bikes on a motocross track and in the woods near Paris. Check out the antics of the VĂ©lo Cross Club de Paris in the video below.
So when we needed a theme for our new raw framed shop bike, we decided to imagine what mountain bikes would look like if they had descended from those early French velos.
Here is what we came up with. It's based on a prototype Camargue. We'll post some build pics tomorrow. The first ride photos are below.


teamdarb said...

Way way way too much fun in these photos!

Unknown said...

Hard shell helmets! Wow very cool video. Have you ever seen the videos of the British Bicycle Speedway? Track racing with a small gear and upright bars.