24 May, 2016

Raw Camargue PTB (Porteur Trail Bike)

Neo-retro PTB (porteur trail bike) build.
The PTB was built using a frame damaged during Casey's single track testing. Almost every part was a blemished, prototype, or returned part from our "yard sale" bin. The media blasting and clear powder coating was done by a local shop and looks great. But clear finishes aren't durable so the frame will develop surface rust soon; we'll just call it "patina".

A very complete build list:
Raw finish shows off neat brazing and welding typical of VO frames.
Prototype Herse-style stem that we won't be making because it's too heavy and expensive, but it does look so cool.
Low gearing for trails or city and Sabot pedals so we can ride in any shoes.
Hammered bell.
Distressed head badge
Derek runs out for pizza on the new shop bike.
Obligatory wine pic. This is VO, after all.
Shop/trail velo? Town and country? PTB? Surf and turf?
I really love this build. It could be one bike for everything. It's also great that it's easy to add fenders for winter. Anyone else ride a town and trail bike?


Brendan said...

PTB sounds like a much nicer way to say "hybrid".
My Piolet is very similar, my favorite hybrid!

Jofus Braylor said...

That Herse style stem is beautiful! a little drillium would solve that, but I suppose that wouldn't solve the $$ problem.

jason huls said...

1985 Schwinn Cimarron is my town n trail bike. Dirt drops, friction shifting. Miles of smiles!

The Old Cycling Fred said...

I don't see the Camargue offered in the "store" at this time . Is this temporary or a permanent change at VO? Just An Old Cyclist Guy A Wondering

Unknown said...

Excellent bike! I really love this style of 'hybrid' bike...one that can actually do a variety of things really well. Mine is an old Apollo rigid frame mountain bike (by Kuahara) with fenders, city bars, front rack and Wald basket. (I really need to take better pictures of it, and get better tires).


Anonymous said...

My town bike is very similarly configured, so naturally I think this is the way to go. It can do anything. The only compromise I ever feel is when I go more than 20 miles. But then it wouldn't be a town bike.

alex perkins said...

This looks JUST like my bike!


I also stripped the paint and clear coated my japanese Bianchi frame back in 2011, It's been holding up pretty well and is developing a beautiful patina!

The VO Montmartre Bars make it such a pleasure to ride, upright, seeing everything I ride past without straining my neck.... Brilliant!

VeloOrange said...

@The Old Cycling Fred,

The Camargue has been discontinued as the Piolet was outselling it.

Guilherme H said...

Beautiful! How do you mount the chainring in order to run it as a single? Just use the smallest one in the outer position with smaller chainring bolts?

VeloOrange said...

@Guilherme H

It doesn't look as clean, but I mounted the small chainring on the inside to compensate for the longer BB. Needed the longer BB because it's a road crank on a mountain-ish frame.
And yes, shorter chainring bolts for the single ring.

Mark Holm said...

See how nice a bike looks when black is kept to a minimum? ;)

Rusty and Dave on the road said...

Sure wish you hadn't discontinued the Camargue. Such a beautiful frame and more affordable than a Riv Appaloosa. Not everyone wants disc brakes.

Jamin said...

great, where can we buy one?...