15 October, 2015

Wheels for Young and Old Bikes

by Igor

We added two new complete wheels for our upcoming Pass Hunter Disc as well as two more for older bikes that use 27" rims.

*As with all disc QR front wheels, the quick release should always be on the drive side of the bike.
We paired our Grand Cru Disc Hubs to PBP rims for a versatile wheelset suitable for touring your favorite fire road and all-weather commuting. The rims fit tires ranging from 23mm to 35mm. Find the front wheel here, and the rear wheel here.
For those refurbishing older bikes that use 27" wheels and 126mm rear spacing we now offer a rear and accompanying front. I love keeping old bikes on the road. Just to be clear, 27" is actually a larger diameter than 29er. 27" is also larger than 27-1/2". Who thinks up these wheel sizes?

The Rustines Bungee Cords have been selling really well, so we added two colors: orange and periwinkle (or is it lilac, or maybe lavender.)


Jansen said...

The orange frame is a prototype?

Also, can you explain why the QR is on the wrong side of the bicycle?

Anonymous said...

I think it is because the QR can open and the lever can get stuck in the slots in the disk rotor; leading to mayhem. I still run my front skewers the "regular" way though. Old habits are hard to break.

Also, I recently had the experience where the cable end (on mechanical BB7 disks) got caught in the disk rotor slot, jamming the wheel. Luckily this occurred while the bike was on the workstand rather than me on the bike, but that was something I never anticipated. I cut the cable shorter and bent it outward.

VeloOrange said...


Yep prototype! Due soon.

As for the QR and to add to the previous comment, if you're riding with your QR open and installed on the non-drive side, you can hurt yourself. Placing the QR on the drive side eliminates this risk for people who do not know how to operate a QR.

Jansen said...

Looks nice. If that orange makes it to production I would think real hard about purchasing one of those.

Mark Holm said...

We all could contribute to ending the wheel size nonsense by using the ISO sizes.

Unknown said...

I love the very specific way Velo Orange explained the QR 'issue'.

RAR 1954 said...

To clear up tire size issues go here...http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html

Zed F. said...

Mayhem is to mild a word I think. From the CPSC website:

Trek reports three incidents, all including injuries. One incident resulted in quadriplegia (!!!). One incident resulted in facial injuries. One incident resulted in a fractured wrist.