12 October, 2015

Real Bikes of the Internet

By Clint

It's always fun to see what people are doing with our stuff.  Here are a few photos we found while surfing the web.

Konstantin from PLANETARKI.RU in Russia sent us this one recently.

Some kind of space-mixte build.  Courtesy of Firefly.  
Kind of an oldie, but here are some Grand Cru brakes on a Cielo.  
Cool alternative porteur mounting with the Surly hardware and those big brown tires.  Courtesy of No life like this life.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll ever manufacture a mixte frame again? I'm always sorry that I missed out on those when they were available.

Quite nice to see what others are doing with their VO "stuff."

VeloOrange said...

We've considered a another mixte, probably more like the one in this post, but no decision yet.