09 February, 2015

Igor's Favorite Things

by Igor

Our staff has very diverse riding styles which lead to an interesting assortment of favorite things.

Scott , who wrote the first "favorite things" post has a long history of touring, randonneuring, and sleeping short hours at 7-11s while on brevets. By the way, he brought in a few stellar photos of him back in the day touring on a Rocky Mountain Cirrus and sporting a handlebar moustache. I might post them later, if you're interested.
Clint does mostly city riding and shreds cyclocross on the same trails I use my 2.4" tire'd upcoming frame.

As our series of favorite things continues, the rest of our staff will submit their lists.

It's tough to put my favorite things into a small list when we have several hundred products, but here goes!

First one is my Campeur frameset. This is my favorite bike I have owned. Touring, commuting, day-long rides, grocery shopping, and light trail duty. Its current setup is simple, effective, modern with obvious classic influences, and utilitarian. As I've heard it called before, "VO'd out".
RAID Rims are my next favorite. They're strong, double eyeleted, lightweight, and probably the most versatile rim I've every used. 28mm - 38mm tires fit great. Check out a previous post on rims with more pictures and specifications.
Course Handlebars. Recently, I did a post discussing our drop handlebar selection and the Course really is my favorite. Flat ramps for all day comfort, simple bends, and classic style.
Sabot pedals. These have totally changed my riding, especially touring. They have large real estate for moving around, sealed cartridge bearings, simple, and elegant.

I'm going to cheat a little bit on this one; it'll be a line of products instead of one item: Grand Cru Headsets. This line features sealed cartridge bearings, classic styling, simplicity, and affordability. A crazy good value for something that will last years and years of hard riding.
Grand Cru Handlebar Bag. Big enough that I can fit everything I want to bring for touring and commuting, but not so big that I also need a smaller bag for regular rides. Also, my camera bag fits inside of it perfectly (Lowepro Rezo 170 AW).


Jonathan B. Horen said...

I see that the Sabot pedals can accommodate reflectors -- will they also accept toe clips?

VeloOrange said...

@Jonathan, they work with toe clips as well as full straps.

JT said...

Can we please have the details on this new frame?

JP said...

Beautifull bike !
What about the tail light ?
I love it !