11 February, 2015

26" Campeurs Arrive, also more Pass Hunters, Porteur Racks, Short & Shallow Bars

by Igor

This morning we received a shipment of frames, racks, handlebars, and miscellanea. If you signed up for the "let me know when this item is back in stock" notification, you should check your email. Thanks for your patience.

Here's a quick rundown of frames and other products we'll be putting in stock:
  • Campeur
    • 47cm and 49cm - These are the new 26"-wheeled version of the Campeur frameset. Adrian has been riding the prototype for a while now and loves it. Check out her GAP/C&O trip for photos and details.
    • 57cm
    • 59cm
    • 61cm
    • 63cm
In addition to frames, Porteur Racks and Dajia Shallow Drop Handlebars are back in stock.

We also got some new Panaracer 650b 42mm folding bead tires. They have the classic Pasela tread. Keep an eye out for those on the New Products page.

Edit: Updated Campeur geometry chart to reflect new 26" frames: http://support.velo-orange.com/#campeur.html


Kevin P said...

I've been waiting for these! When will the 47 and 49 geometry be available?

teamdarb said...


Jonah C said...

Where did you get that threaded 1" to threadless 1 1/8" stem riser in silver?? I looked everywhere but only found the Dimension brand in matte black...

Anonymous said...

Will the Pass Hunter Front Rack fit on the 26” Campeur's without bending it?

VeloOrange said...

@Jonah C,
We've the carrying that adaptor for a while! http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/components/stems/quill-stems/vo-threadless-stem-adaptor.html

@Anon 1:41am,
There is more clearance with the Campeur fork than with the Pass Hunter fork so some bending is needed for everything to line up, only about half an inch.