30 October, 2014

Soto Helix Coffee Maker

by Scott

We've always said that VO runs on coffee. Certainly a year or so back when we asked about peoples' opinions on coffee makers and brew methods, it was one of our most popular posts. So we knew we had to get something in for coffee brewing this Fall.

We found this coffee filter holder that is stainless steel, weighs 45 grams, and folds down flat for traveling. The ingenious design of this filter means that it won't collapse when making coffee. It is made like a spring, so the default is that it is open. It uses the three base prongs to hold it shut for travel.

The base pops out to 4.5 inches by 4.1 inches wide, so it should fit on top of most mugs. It fit on the mugs we used here for, ahem, testing purposes...

It comes with 10 of its own filters, or use #2 cone coffee filters from your local grocery store. With its mesh carrying case, as well, it costs $20.

Leather cycling glove doubles as a pot holder
Clockwise for the best pour. Or is it counter clockwise?

Just a reminder, our pumpkin contest ends at 11:59 pm tonight (October 30) EDT. Get carving!


Unknown said...

Rob over at Ocean Air Cycles has been using this pour over write thingy for a few months. Really cool design!

Al said...

These Kantan's are pretty compact, light, and make a pretty great cup of coffee - http://kalita-usa.com/kantan_drip.html

Might be worth a shot too?

Unknown said...

Will be buying this...