10 October, 2014

Installing the Zero Setback Seatpost

by Igor

The Grand Cru 0 Setback Seatpost in Silver and Noir has been a very popular and we've gotten a few questions about assembly, as they're a bit different from a traditional 2-bolt or 1-bolt clamp. So here are some quick instructions on how to attach your saddle to your seatpost.

  1. Admire your new seatpost and saddle
  2. Disassemble the seatpost. There are 2 short hollow rods that can be discarded or used for spitballs, your choice.
  3. I assemble with the saddle on a table, upside-down; it keeps things together nicely. Place lower clamp on rails.
  4. Insert the upper hooks under the lower clamp. You should have the recessed non-threaded hook on the driveside and the threaded hook on the non-driveside.
  5. Insert seatpost head and pinch together the hooks. Insert the screw and tighten.

  6. Voila! There you have it. To adjust, loosen the screw a couple turns, adjust angle, and tighten snug.


Anonymous said...

I really like this post, but you should include instructions in the box. After several frustrating attempts to assemble it on the bike, I almost tossed it back in the box for return. It is virtually impossible to assemble on the bike where most folks would install it. Also, you should include the length of the post in your online description; it is very long.

Mark Holm said...

Do you grease the screw threads? If not, why?

VeloOrange said...

@Mark Holm,

You should put a dab of grease on the threads before installation. Any threads should be greased before installation.


jkruse said...


"27.2mm only x 400mm. Maximum height (above the min. insert line) is about 300mm. Shiny black finish."

you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Received the Grand Cru 0 Setback Seatpost today - (Noir version) today. Had difficulty with getting the thread of the bolt to connect. I started to strip the threaded upperhook. I immediately stopped and took it to my bike shop mechanic. We discovered the tip of the screw was poorly threaded (but just barely). He replaced the screw and re-tapped the upperhook threads. There were also a few rough metal burs hanging loose from the upperhook from the factory.

So here is a suggestion: Make the upperhook thread portion better able to received a thread screw. Refine the screw tip a bit.