14 July, 2014

New Brakes and Seat Post

by Igor

We've added a couple new parts to our lineup within the past few days.

Noir Zeste Brakes. Powerful, low profile, and stylish.
Uno Seatpost, 400mm, 27.2. Its increased length makes it perfect match for the sloping top tube of the Camargue.
Lastly, Bonne FĂȘte Nationale! (Happy Bastille Day!)


Hal said...

I really like those Uno posts. I've used them on several of my bikes and have no complaints about them.

Mike Binnix said...

Love my Zeste brakes. I have the stainless on my Surly LHT. I'm sure some will find the new black option great for certain color schemes.

Mark Holm said...

I have two of the UNO SP248 seatposts. One came on my 2009 Rivendell Samuel Hillborne. I bought the other, about 2 1/2 years ago, from VO to go on my wife's bike. Both have been just fine. One thing should be mentioned to make sure that users avoid problems. The bolt (screw) on this, and any other, seatpost should be greased. One has to use a bit of care to grease only the threaded parts, and not any of the clamping parts of the seatpost. I have seem an online complaint against the SP248 which stripped threads. This may well have been the result of not lubricating the threads and trying to make up for it by overtightening the bolt. Any bike mechanic knows that nearly all threads should be greased, Loctited or oiled, but home users might not know.